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Cardiologist appt

So, no new pics for this update but I wanted to get the word out about
Mirabel's cardiology appointment yesterday. It was fabulous!!!

She wasn't such a cool customer for the echo and the EKG/blood
pressure, but when Dr. Kemna came in she was all smiles. Other than a
lingering cold (that we saw the pediatrician about this weekend) she
was pronounced very fit indeed.

And glory, glory, hallelujah! We switched over to Enalapril from
Captopril for her blood pressure meds. Why is that such a good thing?
Because it only has to be given twice a day - no more staying up late
for that final dose!!

Dr. Kemna suggested that we come back in six months. When she saw the
look of panic on my face, she quickly amended that to four to six
months. ;)

In other news, we have been missing our Grandma! She flew back to the
warm and sunny climes of South Carolina last Friday and it hasn't been
the same without her. The silver lining is that we are going to
attempt more frequent blog updates, which have been rather sparse

Now I'm heading back to American Idol auditions. Happy New Year -
let's hope the rest of 2010 brings lovely things to everyone.