Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year

I realized today (when a friend emailed me about it) that the last update to the blog was when Mirabel was in the hospital in November.

Luckily no news really is good news. Our hospital stay was a short one and we've only been back for check ups. Our departure was dramatic though. The morning we were to be released Mirabel fell getting out of bed. So, they discharged us and then we went down stairs to the ER where we spent 8 hours having her front two teeth removed. But you know Mirabel, that didn't slow her down. She was home and jumping off things right away.

We had really nice Holidays. Thanksgiving at Cristy's brother's house, Christmas Eve at ours with the her family and then Christmas morning was just us and the girls. On New Year's Eve Cristy and I actually stayed up past midnight (barely).

We haven't changed Mirabel's medications since her last hospital stay just to be on the safe side. and we would just settle back into our regular routines but we decided life wasn't crazy enough so we are bringing home a puppy on Saturday!

Well, take care and have a great 2014.
The Stones