Monday, May 7, 2012

Catching Up

Um, okay, so last August is ... well, almost a year past. So ... we're a
little behind! But here's a quick synopsis:

- September: Mirabel started at Providence Mt. St. Vincent daycare, which
has been fabulous! We miss our old center, but it's great to have her in a
little more structure, with more kids her age.

- November: Right before she turned 3, she decided it was time to start
going on the potty. Woo hoo!

- Second Christmas in our new house. Dave limited himself to an 8 foot tree
... maybe we'll go for 12 next year.

- Spring 2012: Mirabel started sleeping in a big girl bed. Which means we
don't always get to sleep as long as we like, but she loves being able to
climb in and out.

- This Wednesday: Her next cardiology appointment, where we find out if the
Fontan is on our roadmap for this year. Her sats have been doing well, but
her stamina is obviously lower. It would be great to help her get to a
place where she can run and play longer, but it might get complicated
because -

- June: She's going to be a big sister!! We're expecting another girl in
about 7 weeks (eek!). So far, everything looks great. Which means I'm
panicking, cause what do I know about a healthy newborn?? :D

I promise pics of our big girl (and maybe the little one, too) for the next