Thursday, August 11, 2011

A little surgery

We haven't been keeping up the blog for a while but I'm sure some of you recognize that as a good thing.
Mirabel has been doing so well we just haven't had anything to talk about.
I also blame Facebook. That's where all the cute pics have been going lately.
Anyways, M had surgery this morning to close the hole in her belly. She did so well they aren't even keeping us overnight.
I had hoped that this surgery wouldn't be necessary but now that it's over it's great to be done with this chapter. She hasn't eaten thru her G-tube in almost a year and now no more leaking stomach acid. All in time to start at her new school in a few weeks.
If you want more frequent updates you'll have to friend us on Facebook but you'll also get the added benefit of cute pictures of Mirabel and the newest member of our family, Santa Bunny.