Monday, September 23, 2013

Out first day home.

It's raining, Mommy is at work, Amelia is at school and I (David) have a migraine but it's still better than being in the hospital.
Mirabel is doing great. Frustrated at us for forcing her to be less active and us trying to get her to leave her bandages on but otherwise, pretty much normal.
Before we left the hospital yesterday we spent some time talking to a family from Alaska whose 7yo son had the same surgery as Mirabel. He still has his tubes in and after seeing her go from tubes to no tubes to home he seemed determined to get up and walk laps around the floor like she did. Please send some of your thoughts and prayer his way.
Our experience at Children's was good as always. A great surgical/cardiac team and wonderful nurses, many of which we got to know from having them take care of Mirabel several days in a row.
We'll be updating this site a little less often but we've got some milestones to hit (check ups, return to school, etc.) and if I get and cute photos I'll send them this way.
Thank yo hall for caring so much for our girl(s).
The Stones

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Yeah, so glad you guys are home